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Do You ACTUALLY Need Home Insulation?

Whether you live in a cold or hot climate, among the most significant procedures to take in saving money on energy expenses will be effectively insulating your home. Staying in South Florida, it ends up being even more crucial throughout the hot summertime. If your air conditioning unit is fighting the heat of the summer day, it will run longer than it must and cycle off much more often. All this indicates more electricity utilized, which in turn will increase your electric expense. Since heat is generally undetectable, it is typically ignored as an influence in the performance of an a/c system. However, it is so pervasive; it should be tackled in order to gain efficiency of your HVAC system. The problem generally emerges after the equipment has been examined meticulously, and the heat issue continues. This problem going unaddressed is reasonable, since it can be costly to add insulation to a home. Validating that the unit is running perfectly is the primary step in figuring out if your home requires more insulation. Find more on North Wales here

The Harvard School of Public Health proclaims that over 46 million homes throughout the country do not have adequate insulation in the attics and walls. Tinting windows can keep a lot of heat out of the airspace. This means that millions of dollars are being lost away through the windows, walls and ceilings of numerous houses. Insulation also allows the Air Conditioning system to reach it's operating efficiency, which will aid you in saving your money. A 16 SEER system may perform like a 13 SEER system if the home has inadequate insulation. Once again, this will appear as a boost in your energy expenses.

This is assuming you have addressed any problems with air leaving or going into the home through cracks, crevasses and spaces in between windows and under doors. Having the heat of the day infiltrate the home through the attic and windows can make an air conditioning system never ever cool the home to the temperature level set on the thermostat. The system will cool effectively in the nights, however in the most popular of the day it will not be able to keep up with the heat in the air going into the home.


One way to identify if your home needs insulating is to have a professional asses your home. She or he will asses every aspect of your home in regards to improving your energy performance. A thorough examination together with a "Heat Load Calculation" is important for determining if your Air Conditioning system is the right size, and how much heat is penetrating your home. There are many different kinds of insulation. A few of the different types of insulation made use of are:

Blanket: Batt and Roll Insulation
Foam Board or Rigid Foam
Loose-Fill and Blown-In Insulation
Cinder block Insulation
Insulating Concrete Forms